IT Support (Archive News)


Archive News:

  • 2017.12.20: Adobe Acrobat DC 2015 - 15.6.30394 update is available from Software Center (Windows).  Current Adobe Acrobat DC users will automatically receive this update.
  • 2017.12.14: CyBox vs LSS comparison.
  • 2017.12.13: If you need data storage space for your research data, the Research IT provides LSS service for faculty and staff.  Detail information can be found from
  • 2017.12.08: R-3.4.3 is available from Self Service (Mac) or can be downloaded from
  • 2017.12.06: R-3.4.3 is available from Software Center (Windows) or can be downloaded from
  • 2017.12.02 (revised on 2018.1.2): Adobe Acrobat Pro license update: (for ISU owned computers)
    • For Windows users: (if you already use Adobe Acrobat DC, please skip step #2 and proceed to step #3.)

      1. Open “Software Center” from “Start->All Programs->Microsoft System Center” (Windows 7) or “Start->Microsoft System Center” (Windows 10)
      2. In the “Applications” tab, select “Adobe Acrobat DC 2015 Classic – 15.6.30394” and then click “Install”.  This will upgrade your current Adobe Acrobat XI Pro to Adobe Acrobat DC.  Wait until the installation is finished then following the #3 instruction below.
      3. In the “Applications” tab, select “Adobe Creative Cloud Serialization Tool – Reserialize Creative Cloud” and the click “Install”.
      4. Your Adobe Acrobat Pro is now upgraded to Adobe Acrobat DC Pro with newer license #.
    • For Mac uses: (if you already use Adobe Acrobat DC, please skip step #2 & #3 and then proceed to step #4.)

      1. Open “Self Service” from “/Applications” or “Launchpad”
      2. Search “Acrobat Pro DC” and you will see “Adobe ETLA – Acrobat Pro DC 17.012.20093_Install for 10.9+”
      3. Click “INSTALL” to install the newer version of Acrobat Pro DC
      4. After the installation, click the “Featured” category from Self Service and then click “UPDATE” on “Reserialize Adobe Creative Cloud”.
      5. This will apply the new license to the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.
  • 2017.11.30: (Critical) For macOS 10.13/10.13.1 users only, there is a large security flaw on macOS 10.13.x which will allow to login with "root" without password.  (see for detail).  Please apply the Apple Security Update 2017-001 ASAP.  (see for detail).  If file sharing is not working after applying Security Update 2017-001, please see on how to fix it.  For macOS 10.13 user, please upgrade to 10.13.1 first before applying the security update.
  • 2017.11.22: Bitvise SSH Client 7.35 is available from Software Center (Win).  For current users, the 7.35 update version will be automatically applied.
  • 2017.11.15: Canvas Update:
  •  2017.11.10: If you received "Adobe Creative Cloud license will be expired on Nov. 30", please run Adobe Serialization Tool from
    • Windows: "Adobe Creative Cloud Serialization Tool - Reserialize Creative Cloud" from "Software Center"
    • Mac: "Reserialize Adobe Creative Cloud" from "Self Service".
  • 2017.11.09: JMP 13.2.1 is available from "Software Center" (Windows).  JMP 13.2 is available from "Self Service" (Mac).
  • 2017.11.07: SAS 9.4 TS1M5 and JMP 12.2 are available from "Software Center" (Windows).
  • 2017.10.31: R-3.4.2, MacTeX 2017, and TeXShop 3.88 are available from "Self Service" (Mac).
  • 2017.10.12: MatLab R2017b, R-3.4.2, and RStudio-1.1.383 are available from "Software Center" (Windows).
  • 2017.07.24: Due to security concern, Mac computers running macOS Sierra 10.12.x (not 10.12.6) is scheduled to be upgraded to 10.12.6 on July 28th at 5:00pm for all Mac computers owned by ISU on the STAT department.  The upgrade can be performed manually from the Self Service under "Operating System" category too.
  • New setup instructions for GGobi for Mac.
  • Map CyBox folder can be done by installing Box Drive app.  Details can be found in CyBox.