Statistical Consulting

To obtain a consultation:

Government and non-project organizations in the local community can request statistical consulting through Statistics in the Community (StatCom), a student-based community outreach program that serves local communities throughout the nation. For researchers interested in developing and analyzing surveys, please see the Survey & Behavioral Research Services (SBRS) and the Center for Survey Statistics & Methodology (CSSM).

What we do:

  • research design, sample size calculations
  • choosing statistical methods
  • use of statistical computing packages (R, SAS, and some JMP) to analyze data
  • interpretation of results

What we do not do:

  • help with your statistics homework: please see your course TA.
  • last minute projects with short deadlines – it is the responsibility of the researcher to provide ample time for statistical analysis – depending on the complexity of the problem and the current workload, a few weeks may be required.

College-specific consulting services

For statistics faculty reporting only

Report consulting activity