Dean Adams

Collaborating Professor

Recent Publications:

  • D.C. Adams and M.L. Collyer (2015), 'Permutation tests for phylogenetic comparative analyses of high-dimensional shape data: what you shuffle matters.', Evolution Vol. 69, Pages 823-829.
  • D.C. Adams and R. Felice (2014), 'Assessing phylogenetic morphological integration and trait covariation in morphometric data using evolutionary covariance matrices.', PLoS One
  • D.C. Adams, 2014, Quantifying and comparing phylogenetic evolutionary rates for shape and other high-dimensional phenotypic data., Volume No: 63.
  • D.C. Adams (2014), 'A method for assessing phylogenetic least squares models for shape and other high-dimensional multivariate data.', Evolution Vol. 68, Pages 2675-2688.
  • D.C. Adams (2014), 'A generalized K statistic for estimating phylogenetic signal from shape and other high-dimensional multivariate data', Systematic Biology Vol. 63, Pages 685-697.
Area of Expertise: 
Comparative evolutionary biology
PhD, SUNY, Stony Brook, 1999
MS, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 1994
BS, Franklin and Marshall College, 1992