Laptop Scheduling

Tablet PC Other Equipment
Surface Pro 1 (2015) Wacom Digitizing Tablet Cart
Surface Pro 2 (2015)
Dell Tablet 6 (2013)
Dell Tablet 7 (2011)
Dell Tablet 8 (2012)
Dell Tablet 10 (2010)
Dell Tablet 11 (2010)
Dell Tablet 12 (2010)

Equipment Reservation Form

If short notice you may call 515-294-7564 to schedule a laptop over the phone.

The tablets are stored in 2122 Snedecor. The door is locked with a proximity card reader. Please contact Statistics IT in 2123 Snedecor if you need access.

To see all IT equipment calendars on one page see: Statistics IT Equipment Calendars (Embedded)